Environment Division
Environmental Studies Environmental Monitoring Other Environmental Services  
>> Environmental Impact Assessment(EIA) .
>> Environmental Management plan (EMP).
>> Disaster Management Plan (DMP).
>> Risk Assessment (RA) Studies.
>> HAZOP Study.
>> Environmental Audit.
>> Indoor Air Quality & Hygiene Studies.
>> Solid & Hazardous Waste Management.
>> Gravimetric Dust Sampling for Mines
>> Air pollution & Monitoring & Analysis.
>> Stack emission monitoring.
>> Water Quality sampling & Analysis.
>> Effluent Analysis.
>> Noise Level Monitoring .
>> Soil Quality Analysis.
>> Work Place Monitoring as per OSHA.
>> Hazardous Waste Analysis .
>> Maintenance of effluent Treatment Plants(ETP).

>> Efficiency Performance Test of Air Pollution Control Systems.
  Vitro Labs are professional leading in Environmental Consultancy on client contracts in areas such as compressed air analysis and Water Microbiological Analysis.
Provides scientific consulting and testing services for Environmental Impact Assessment, water microbiological analysis and compressed air analysis.

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